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About Us:
metal detectors and water The first company specializing in the sale of detecting metal and caves and basements and tunnels and underground water devices in the ground as our company provides all technical information on metal detectors from all systems Alkahromagnattsasah and far-reaching and various geophysical survey tools devices. Our company is located in one of the most important Arab states in Kuwait There is something new and big challenge on yard field research and exploration. This thing will change your mind positively about the adventures of exploration. We are talking about commercial Aldnon group, through the vision of hundreds of ads that talk about detecting gold, silver and all kinds of metals and wide spaces, for the purpose of marketing all so we decided to find the most setups utility which helps prospectors effectively in their work

The new opening:
Karim to our audience everywhere in the great Arab homeland. Changes with time and the vicissitudes of life continuing to continuous development and human needs in the various spheres of life, it was necessary for us to keep up with this scientific development to get you to the top. It Aeryman Trading Company is pleased to announce the possession of the latest findings of the human brain in the areas of exploration for precious metals, to put it in the hands of all those who wish to access this area. We proudly announce the presence of a wide range of the latest scientific and technical devices to explore for minerals, and prices will satisfy all levels (DevicesAnd sensors, imaging devices, electromagnetic devices and drill for groundwater devices) and we can also say with confidence that we have the 2016 devices indisputably not a competitor. And visit us at our headquarters located in the State of Kuwait enough to be assured of the sincerity of our claim, and experience the best proof that our team, who is also to serve you, ready to give you a full detailed explanation and clear all the hardware and how to use them

We are happy to talk about our adventure and the many and many a period of 15 years of work experiences and struggles in the field of research, detection and mineral exploration and gold and treasures and relics, perhaps this work Aohzh hobby of the most fascinating hobbies fun and suspense, and except it is a hobby interesting dramatically, but also you can through this beautiful hobby reach the summit, tuning and making a prosperous future. There are lots and lots of treasures lost and anonymous Almbih and burials, equivalent to these troves of wealth and value, and there are a lot of people, researchers and explorers have benefited a lot, good and bumper of this wonderful hobby. It is very interesting to detect, research and exploratory trips go out and search for the unknown

Testing and research:
Our experiences and our flights have started since the beginning of the ninety, Saian into the unknown to discover and achieve great success we are proud and we are talking about with pride, and these trips and explorations began in the beginning of the founders of the company who have achieved successes we are proud of and proud of it, he was working at the beginning of the day on the primitive devices electronic devices and simple, but through love this work and love of exploration we get to the results rejoice and are proud to be achieved

Development and progress:
We started Saian to success have we established these specialized selling devices company minerals and treasures and relics revealed to be able to both amateur and every researcher to reach a goal and achieve success which might dream of it, these devices save time and fatigue and suffering and give useful and satisfactory results, we also were able from the start to pick and choose the best equipment at the level of global manufacturing, we provide to our customers in some of the neighboring Arab countries, and that was at the beginning of the founding of the company, our experiences and began experimenting with a lot of our customers on the passage of years working on a lot of floodlights systems such as electromagnetic detection devices and ultrasonic detection devices affected by electromagnetic radiation of Dvain, was some devices come to useful results, and this is because by the nature of the place and the soil, and some الأجهزة Sometimes fail to work and also the reasons soil hardness and different terrain, and we were Always tuned to news organs that are sold to our customers at the local and external level, so we collected a lot of opinions and a lot of developments which are useful for upgrading hardware and various systems to become free from errors and from any hardware failure

Manufacturing and creativity:
We started and through the foundations of these devices and systems developed and update it and try it in many places and different terrain and these processes and updates take place in the world's largest centers for the manufacture of devices to take us to produce devices are sophisticated Petknlogia high-tech performance and high quality, and was the result of many experiments, research and the views of many explorers . We have reached the best devices running on multiple systems and internationally accredited, working correctly and accurately, and with a definite and meaningful results

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