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Company management is pleased to welcome all our valued customers and we hope you spend a good time to browse our website humble and wish your visit to our showrooms soon to see the latest modern technology techniques and accurate in the field of research and exploration and watch realistic tests on all devices gold professionalism revealed a specialist in the search for gold and uncover treasures and relics metals and gemstones. And provide you with the company's management set of programs Altdribe integrated in addition to price and distinctive because we Authorized agents of global factories he should have a better and lower prices, which will not be available when the others.


Our dear customers since we are the exclusive agent for our organs in Kuwait, the company offers the most competitive prices on the management of all devices available in addition to the constant and variable always offers and pricing please send an e-mail stating the name of the product required to be available to provide you with offers and discounts.



Providing the most accurate and the latest techniques and technology to devices gold and treasures, metals and caves and groundwater revealed Provide programs and lessons and training professional setups and all the technologies and systems through the process and direct field experiences at the hands of Almadrbeyen best engineers and specialists in the detection and exploration systems Provide the best means of research and exploration and study of the customer's request and the nomination of the appropriate device for his work and the nature of the ground to be detected Bhattkadim with each product certified with the International Manufacturing Bail card and workmanship guarantee approved by all authorized distributors globally to be the customer is able to take advantage of all the services.

Provide with every purchase shown bill the product name of the device – Action – Snaath- and serial number Almsenai All our organs unsecured covers all services except اBreakdowns resulting from misuse and breakage .Provide training CDDVD Provide with each product catalogs in Arabic and English Provide procurement and payment service upon receipt of all our valued customers through access to purchase order via telephone, fax or email us Email.



The first way: The company provides management for all our valued customers purchase products with ease and without fuss and affectation expenses of travel and save time and effort are the procurement process either send someone from your side exists in the State of Kuwait to buy your device and we ship the product to your address directly.

The second method : And are buying through messaging mailing or through dial-up connection with international sales department staff and after the customer choose the appropriate device to his request, which was chosen to browse our website is sending a quote and purchase the initial bill described by product name – Its kind – Industry –And Aldman- price after discount is available with the shipping costs to the country of the customer described the purchase invoice payment method to calculate the company's bank account. It is shipping with the world's largest shipping companies.



Our valued customers provide you express air freight for all the Arab countries and the Internatioanl duration of three days does not exceed only from the date of purchase has been hired with the largest shipping companies Internatioanl DHL - ARAMEX - FEDEX - TNT So as to ensure the arrival of the product to you with ease in addition to packaging the best of modern roads and proper advantage through a special section and a trainee and a specialized team shipment and packaging to ensure complete preservation and destruction of the product to reach you without any damage, please provide us with the name of the recipient and phones accredited figures in the recipient country and address We want to charge the device to him.

Important note : Our valued customers adopted the company's management through her long to realize all the ways for the convenience of customers, so the most important principles is to maintain the privacy of dealing discreetly to keep our province on the reputation and her bona but remains the leading and best and intro always provide the company's management shipping feature and Cash on Delivery 

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