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The best device for the detection of gold in the world

Device best in the world, a device that combines the precision and excellence at full Mousvath and techniques developed Manelab all the high-tech company to be the first device of raw gold and treasures and metals all Specialist search for minerals, gold and locating high accuracy Specialized raw gold and a great ability to reveal gold and crude and veins of gold and gold sandstone Full distinction of metals Cancel metal iron from the process of exploration property Ground calibration and soil system Automatic error correction system Voices special for detecting metal gold Lightweight and easy to use It works on 8-volt external battery The device works for 12 hours straight It weighed 2400 grams with a sensitive search

Components and cutting :
Main unit
Sensitive search
8-volt battery
The handle two pieces demountable and installation
Educational CD on the machine
English catalogs
Bag Ensure manufacturers for a year

Advantages :
SETA, DVT & MPS technology
It is the most advanced technology of metal detectors and gold under the ground no matter how small in size to a depth of up to 2 meters

Search conditions: The machine was modified by adding more different conditions to suit the different possibilities during the search process and gives a greater sensitivity to detect targets, whether small or large, high accuracy

Six ways to search: Available within the device six different types of research methods suit all the possibilities for use and can be edited on these roads to suit the way your research

Automatic calibration of the soil: Device has the advantage of automatic calibration of the soil, providing a highly effective during the search process and in all types of soils either rocky or sandy or salty or mud

Screen backlight : The device's screen has a backlight to be able to read the screen information during the night or in dark places quite easily. With the possibility of adjusting the lighting to conserve battery power for as long as possible

Volume Control : Device provides multiple Bkhiarath ability to control and modify the sound volume in a suit with the nature of your research is also equipped with sound filtering device by factors of external influences are believed accurate results when sound signifier version of the existence of objective

Improve property discrimination : Has been improved device characteristics to be able to distinguish metals more and more precise and to separate targets for other things that may be overlapping with it provides accurate results

Amplifiers : The speakers located under the device allows the user to hear the signals goals more easily due to the use of high quality materials provide a clean and clear and Atoir noise or external factors

Batteries: Of lithium-type lightweight and lasts for long hours of work



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