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The highly developed Torrento Pro device is considered the world's most advanced step in the field of remote sensing devices that operate with remote sensing system. The device operates a modern technology double that enables explorers to reach the goals they seek in a short time and speed that exceeds any of the devices available in the world Through the speed of polarization of solids emitted from buried metals under the folds of dust, sand and rocks. The circuit of the device is designed to polarize the signal from different types of terrain vertically and horizontally. The engineers and experts of the Gold Condor detectors have developed the capabilities of this device to be unique Of its kind among the devices deployed in the markets in terms of design, ease of work and mobility in the program to suit all users of the device

A new generation is completely different from the other sensors in terms of manufacturing, durability and the ability to performance has been manufactured. This device has a highly efficient and powerful ability to facilitate its users to work on whether the user is an expert or a novice at the use of such devices. Users will not find easier than the Torrento Pro or its efficiency to get the useful results. The speed of discovery will save the burden of long and useless research in many similar devices. The light weight and small size help users to search without any effort.

Characteristics and components of the device
The device operates a dual system for two types of search, providing a greater opportunity to obtain more accurate results that enable the discovery of the target Crystal screen to illustrate device settings and search process
The ability to measure the depth of the target
Survey large areas in a very short period of time
Ability to adjust the device to detect the following items: Gold - Silver - Bronze - Copper - cavity - Aluminum - Diamond - lead - Iron - Water It detects depths up to 30 meters where we can choose the depth to look for
Antennas at the top of the device
It Was manufactured and developed to be the first in the world and specializes in the detection of raw and manufactured gold, caves, tunnels and basements under the surface of the ground to a depth of 30 meters and the front of 1500 meters. The device also has two features to search and reach the target.
It is operated by remote land guidance and access to gold and caves through the guide
Device Accessories
The main unit that contains the screen of the device
Sound sensor
Search antenna (2)
battery charger
Handle to carry the device
The device screen that contains all the device buttons
Head phones
Waterproof case
Catalog - English - Arabic
Waterproof carry case

Detection of gold and minerals
The device is carried parallel to the soil and the machine is turned onselect the type of target you are looking for. Example (gold) After choosing the gold metal, we select the depth to look for: (5m - 10m - 15m - 20m – 25m – 30m). after that we choose the appropriate front range by the area of the place where we want to search
For example (300 meters - 500 meters - 750 meters - 1000 meters - 1250 meters - 1500 meters) and then wait a few minutes for the device to receive signals and vibrations from the ground in the form of vertical and horizontal. After that, we walk with the device in the area to be examined until the device pick up any signal from the target we chose. when any target is picked, the radar of the device moves towards it, and we track the signal of the device until it is directly above the target. We notice the sound of the device is increasing. This indicates reaching the zero point and accurately determining the depth of the target.
- Three years guarantee
- Made in Canada

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